Who we are

Shirakatsy Lyceum International Scientific and Educational Complex, established in 1990 as a high school with a goal to provide a high standard curriculum with consideration of spesial needs of gifted and talented students, now offers three IB programmess- PYP, MYP, and DP – to 1000 students.

Keeping our balanced philosophy, we address educational, social, health and civic activism issues through our academic program, after school curriculum, supporting learning environment and infrastructure.

The school premises include kindergarten and primary school situated near big campus for middle and high schools.

The primary school includes kindergarten and primary students aged 3-10 years old.

The IB PYP offers a programme to children aged 3-10. Two years’ old children get education at the kindergarten: for 2-3 years’ old children the lyceum program is implemented, whereas for children aged 3-10 the IB program is implemented which is carried out in the Primary school as well.

Teachers and specialists are selected on competitive basis.

They always take part in different training programs to improve their professional skills.


How we work

Our curriculum developed to meet individual needs of students to the greatest extent possible.

We have developed a rich after school curriculum with a wide range activities, including after school clubs.

The Primary School curriculum is based on PYP Model and includes PYP 5 Essential Elements:

  • Knowledge
  • Concepts
  • Skills
  • Attitudes
  • Action

The students learn Armenian, Maths, Science, Russian, English or other foreign languages, Arts, Music, Sport, Crafts, Dance, Swimming and Chess.


To achieve the Lyceum vision students complete inquiries in 6 transdisciplinary themes

 Who we are.
 Where we are in time and place.
 How we express ourselves.
 How the world works.
 How we organize ourselves.
 Sharing the planet


Our services include:

  • Psychological Service: The Psychologists work with the kindergarten students, with their parents and the working staff, they carry out individual and work group.
  • Speech Therapy: Individual development and correction activities are carried out; logorythmic classes are held.
  • Medical Service: Health control and high sanitation are provided.
  • Transportation Service: Comfortable minivans take students to school and back home.
  • Security Service: Special qualified guards provide 24 hours’ security.


How we organize ourselves

  • Scholl day starts at 8:45 and is over at 15:40. After-school activities are over at 17:30.
  • Learners come and go to school by comfortable school vans accompanied by teachers.
  • There are breakfast, lunch and snack breaks during the day.


Sharing school

We have created an atmosphere of respect and collaboration, and the school is a place to learn together and from each other for students, teachers, parents, our quests. We promote innovation, internationalism, and integrity.

Parents’ council always supports school and contributes to its improvement.



How we express ourselves

Huge variety of extracurricular unions (drawing, chess, piano, dance, doll making, karate and many more) gives students opportunity to make a choice based on their preferences.

Learners express themselves and apply their knowledge and skills through organizing different kinds of festivals, exhibitions, and celebrations.

Prominent professionals from various fields often visit us.

Thanks to site visits and excursions-learners are able to discover many things and develop their research skills.

The reflection of work done during the week is discussed at weekly school assemblies.


Contact information

The Kindergarten Address: 35 Artem Mikoyan Street, Yerevan, RA

The Primary School Address: 15, Mushegh Galshoyan, Nor Nork, 5, Yervan, RA

Phone numbers: (010) 668281, 645705, (077)640128, (077) 640121