Psychological Center


Since the day of its foundation the Lyceum had operating Psychological Service which further expansion resulted in appearance of Psychological Center. The Center includes psychological services of the kindergarten, primary, middle and high schools and the psychological laboratory.

Primary school age is so unique as even the most serious problems might be solved thanks to games, tales, drawing and music.

Children meet with psychologists both in groups and individually in a specially equipped play room.

Psychologists also work with adults that surround the students – the teachers and parents – so that they will be able to understand children better and to reach to the most appropriate solution collaboratively.






Logopedy Service

Logopedy Service was founded in 1999 under the umbrella of Psychology Service. In 2010 the Logopedy Service was separated and became an independent service.

Work conducted by the service

  • Speech exanimation – both verbal and non-verbal speech of students is examined
  • Work with students with difficulties in verbal and non-verbal speech – group and individual trainings are organized, as well as game trainings
  • Collaboration with counselors, psychologists and parents, discussions, meetings, conferences
  • Conferences and trainings for logopeds
  • Individual practice trainings for logopeds with one moth duration
  • Creation of scientific-methodological and educational materials



Medical Service



The tasks of the Primary School medical service are

  • Provision of first aid, transportation to medical institution if required
  • Supervision of employees’ annual medical examination
  • Supervision of students’ medical documents
  • Assigning Physical Education groups
  • Continuous monitoring of food quality and sanitary conditions
  • Annual screenings, medical examination of students
  • Implementation of sanitary-preventive measures when there are registered cases of infectious diseases