“The library is an affluence of human soul”

Wilhelm, L., G.

The atmosphere of the library motivates the students to conduct creative-exploring researches, enhances their knowledge, develops them from different miscellaneous perspectives and is an inseparable part of primary school students’ daily routine.


The right lighted reading halls, availability of appropriate and comfortable furniture, carpets, and pillows, the correct layout of the books according to their theme and the frank and attentive attitude of the librarians create a fascinating environment for becoming more intelligent. In these conditions are formed the culture of using the library.


Various educational and cultural events and significant projects take place in the library (Book Day, Puppet Theatre performances by the students, plays, etc.).


The specific service program is created in order to make the process of using the library easier and more convenient.


The librarian is walking around the classrooms and carries out a bookmobile project that aims to encourage the students to read the printed books and develop their reading skills. During the tour, the librarian presents the books, taking into account the age of the students, introducing them to the book list, and organizes the whole process.


The books included in the primary school library are interesting and colorful.


The librarian and the teachers always search for new ideas, interesting and proposals.


The slogan of our library is: “Little friend, love the BOOK and it will love you and will present you with all its charms …”…